Mariana Silva is a Graphic Designer / Illustrator and Art Director from Mexico City living in New York specialized in the fashion industry, motion graphics and print design.

She enjoys doing fashion illustrations creating patterns and silhouettes to tell stories inspired by nature. Lately she has been working with collage mixing photography and illustration.

She has worked in the Fashion Industry for clients like: Diane Von Furstenberg, Tommy Hilfiger, Osh Kosh B'gosh, Loop nyc and Sears Holdings creating orignal art and patterns.

In Motion Graphic Studios she has worked for: Hush, Stardust, Hornet, Charlex, Offspring, Nice shoes, Taylor James, Humble for clients like: Nike, Elizabeth Arden, Macy's Brazil Inspired, Hennessy, Saab, Cover Girl,  among others.

Textile design for high fashion, illustration and design for beauty brands, style frames and storyboards for motion graphics.

She is available for freelance work on site and off site.

Selected Publications:

Vanda Magazine (UK) 2015
Illustration Now! Fashion
by Taschen (Germany) 2013
Featuring 90 Contemporary Fashion Illustrators
Illustration Now! Portraits by Taschen (Germany) 2011
Illustration Now! Vol.2 by Taschen (Germany) 2007
Curvy Book 4 and 5 (Australia) 2007 and 2008.
Featuring 100 of the world’s leading female artists and illustrators.
Verve Magazine (Germany) 2007
Toca me Magazine (Germany) 2007
PPaper Magazine (China) Interview and work. 2007
Revista 192 (México)

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